Monday, October 1, 2007

The Melting of the Steel Girders

This video has many scenes of the two towers that were hit by planes. One scene shows a huge I beam which was melted into a curve. There were no breaks in the curvature. That means that the heat was so high, that the I beam was softened into the consistency of a warm chocolate bar. How could that have happened since the jet fuel only reaches a temperature much lower than that.

The rescue workers also reported that there was molten metal in the rubble of the building that was existent for days. Let's assume that only the jet fuel and furniture in the building contributed to the fire. The jet fuel was burned off within a hour of the plane crash and office furniture does not reach anywhere near the temperature required to melt steel. Something else had to cause the molten burning in the basement of the rubble. Phosphorous can do that.

You will also see in the video, cuts of the steel beams that are identical to the type of cut produced by charges used in building demolition charges. Those cuts were not done by workmen after the building came down.

The interviews of people at the scene reported that there were numerous explosions. The press covered this up after the first day of reporting.

The towers collapsed at a rate of free falling objects. That would be impossible since there would be resistance to the fall of the floors at each floor level. The shooting out of debris in an upward and outward trajectory also is an indication that there were explosive forces that hurdled these large masses of debris.

So why does the government cover up all this information? Was the second plane that hit the second tower, a military plane with a pod on its belly used for remote guidance?

Some ask; where did the passengers go if they were not on the planes? As far as anyone knows, they could be sitting in an airliner at the bottom of the ocean.

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At October 8, 2007 at 11:27 AM , Blogger Mark Yannone said...

"The rescue workers also reported that there was molten metal in the rubble of the building that was existent for days."

Corrections: Six weeks. All three buildings.

At January 19, 2008 at 12:52 PM , Blogger 12+generations American Patriot said...

American Patriots,

Consider a very very high frequency beam of energy. The towers having been prepared in advance, to absorbe that beam.

Like the walls of Jerico, except in modern times.

The planes having been remote controlled.

your physicist patriot


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