Monday, September 24, 2007

Building Seven demolition

This video contains a debate between the producers of "loose change" and the editors of Popular Mechanics.

It first starts out on Rodriguez's testimony that there were explosions in the tower before the plane struck and his witness that he saw an injured man before the plane struck.

The building seven controversy centers on that collapse of the building, which was not hit by a plane, and which only had 2 fires on 2 stories of building seven. Those fires could not have caused a collapse of building seven. The building came down in 8 seconds which is contrary to the official story of 18 seconds. Also, if you look at building seven collapsing, you will see that the collapse is occurring at the base, and not starting at the floors where the fires were located. It collapsed exactly as if demolitions were bringing the building down.

Further, Silverstein, who leased the building, told them to "pull" building 7, just before the building came down. That is the lingo that demolition companies use for setting off the dynamite. Silverstein later tried to cover up his statement by saying that he was asking the firefighters to pull their men out. There were no firefighters in the building at the time because of the hazards and dust. His explanation could not be true.

The conclusion is that building 7 had to be wired for demolition long before 9/11. It takes weeks of preparation to get the charges set up.


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