Monday, September 24, 2007

Testimony before Congress

This video contains testimony before Congress that NORAD lied to congress and lied to the 9/11 commision.

Incredible incompetence or coverup! The whole 9/11 commission started with the assumption that the Bush administration told the truth. No one got fired for incompetence and no one is accountable in the Bush administration. It looks like a major coverup by the administration.

The fighter planes were never notified by the authorities.


At October 9, 2007 at 7:29 AM , Blogger Jack Hartwell said...

You have to be BRAIN DEAD to accept ANYTHING that happened in 911. The part that got me going initially was the report that the USAF never responded and let those aircraft fly off course for 45 minutes! That just doesnt happen in REAL LIFE! Especially when you have aircraft flying towards the Pentagon and Washington DC. No way!. I served in the USAF for four years and my two specialties were fighter weapons control systems and I also crosstrained into the NORAD "SAGE" system which is the air defense radar control system for North America. The number one "red flag" was the media reporting that these "terrorists" had taken control of the aircraft and "turned off" the transponders so they wouldn't be detected. Only naive, uneducated people who know nothing about how the system operates would swallow something like that. The fact of the matter is, the "transponder" is the ONLY thing that keeps that particular aircraft off of the NORAD radar screens. THe instant the transponder goes off, that aircraft comes up on the USAF radar screens as a UFO! Guess what? That controller is not going to just sit there and eat BON BON's. Protocol calls for, number one, verbal indentification. If no response, they will SCRAMBLE two F-16's to fly up beside the aircraft and VISUALLY check the cockpit and ask for identification. They will try several channels and if, no response, will either force the aircraft down or SHOOT it down.

At October 9, 2007 at 8:05 AM , Blogger Jack Hartwell said...

to finish my story...The ONLY way the USAF would not have responded is if they were ORDERED not to respond. If you are looking for FACTS, that's a FACT, JACK! To set your story straight, it is not the FAA that orders fighter jets into the air to begin with; however, they wouldnt have just sat on their hands for 45 minutes and just WATCHED those planes fly right at Washington, the Pentagon and New York. They would be on the phone talking to the USAF controllers who are watching and RESPONDING. Are we to be led to believe that all of these folks just sat there and watched daytime TV while these planes were flying offcourse? That's about as believable as going into IRAQ to find those "weapons of mass destruction" or attacking IRAN because they want to make NUKES. And all of us just sit here and wait to be led to the slaughter. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

In my humble opinion, tHe whole thing was "rigged" from the beginning. Nothing checks out.
I mean, in the larger scheme of things, what are 3000 lives when you stand to make BILLIONS of dollars in WAR PROFITS and build another EMPIRE! Let's see, hmmm.
Why attack Afganistan for no reason? We weren't REALLY looking for OSAMA BIN LADEN or we would have found him. We knew where he was. We would have just sent a Black OPS team in there and picked him up. There's nothing of value there except POPPIES and sand and camels. But wait, just maybe there was an ulterior motive for staging an attack on the US and starting another WAR. OSAMA doesnt need the money, his family is rich, right? And his family and Georgie's daddy are business partners, right? (Carlye Group) Now why would they possibly have a vested interest in ATTACKING AFGANISTAN? Well, just maybe they needed a pipeline across Afganistan to get all of that OIL out of Southern Russia to a port where they could get it to their Asian market. And what if the AYATOLLA wouldnt allow them to build the pipeline? Well, NOBODY tells us NO, RIGHT? WE are aristocracy and we ALWAYS get what we, just maybe, we found a way to get rid of the AYATOLLA and get somebody in there who would allow us to build our's that for a CONSPIRICY THEORY? It's AT LEAST as good as any I have read and it shows a lot more imagination. In fact, it might even make a good BOOK!

Worked for ROOSEVELT in WW II. Those JAP SOB's bombed Pearl Harbor so we HAVE to get involved in the war now, right?


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