Saturday, September 22, 2007

Failed Flag - Poem by C. Conces

Rally around 'er o' boys,
Put down w'speed now y'r toys
T' fight wi' brave an' might
So foe be put to flight

Land o' free, home t' brave
Long may the flag she wave
T'hold the land so free
Sacrifice shall call to thee

But if the free e'er be corrupt
And lust an' greed do erupt
Can home an' flag still withstand
Torments brought on by evil hand?

For who shall stand 'eer o' boys
w' you an' fight among the noise?
Will Butcher, Baker take up the flag
When heart an' mind e'er do sag?

Now wind an' storm do rage n' rant
And echoes shrieks say – No we can't
For freedom is so hard t' bear
Easier be for flag to tear.
Written while in jail by C. Conces


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